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Free Premier Events
Our team of networking professionals hand-pick & sponsor the absolute best networking opportunities; all sponsored events are free to our members.


25+ sponsored events every month

$425+ in free events every month


Chamber of Commerce Events

Business Networking Mixers

Structured Professional Events

Educational Seminars

Exclusive (members-only) Events
Personalized Leads
Get a never-ending stream of relevant local leads delivered to your inbox. Tell us who you want to meet and let our Networking Intelligence Engine™ do the rest.


1st Degree (Discovery) Leads

2nd Degree (Similar) Leads

3rd Degree Leads

Real-time Event Attendance


Automatic Introductions

Warm Introductions
Networking University
Want to network better, sell better and stay engaged with the latest online and offline business strategies? Can't keep up with all the latest digital marketing trends? We've got you covered…


Learn to Network Like a Pro

Social Media for Business

SEO & Digital Marketing

Sales & Business Development

Marketing, Branding, and PR Strategy

***and more Training & Seminars
Never Network Alone
Everything is better with a friend. No more anxiety when attending networking events... Let us match you up with a buddy and set you up for success.


Tell us what you're looking for in a networking buddy, and we'll suggest people who will be a good fit.


Two-way Activity Notifications

Private Buddy Event Discussions
Networking Passport members generate 26% more leads!
See what others are saying

Katy Geary
Geary Graphic Design

Being a Passport member has allowed me to attend dozens of events I wouldn't normally attend because of the admission costs. The Passport program has paid for itself tenfold not only by waiving admission costs, but by providing me with an avenue for building new relationships which has led to the growth of my business.

Greg Swiszcz
My City Apartments

I've been a Passport member for at least 6 months now, and as a Small Business owner, the money that I have been able to save while attending the Passport networking events has allowed me to re-invest in my business and continue networking.

Jamie Lau
Sole Foot and Ankle Specialists

Over the last 2 years, I have saved over $700 and have attended different training programs because of the Passport. The education I received at the seminars has helped us increase our social media presence by at least 15%.

Josh Weiss
10 to 1 Public Relations

NetworkingPassport fills my calendar without draining my wallet. There are simply too many Chambers and organizations to join them all. Passport allows me to attend many of these events for free; events I otherwise may have chosen to skip because of the cost.
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